The fact that you are reading this means that your instincts are not just good, but great! Never before in US history has there been a more perfect storm of events pushing the economy toward catastrophic failure and socioeconomic upheaval. WHAT, THEN, IS THE APPROPRIATE REACTION to an economy resembling a house of cards built on a foundation of sand? Simply put, the answer is gold and silver, and we all know that, but beyond the obvious, most people need a little help. They ask, “In what what form do I buy, and in what quantity?” Another common question is, “How do I manage it all and what’s end game?” The information found on our howtube video channel will answer these great questions and much, much more.


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As veteran owned business, we have always believed in something greater than ourselves, our country. We Swore an oath to protect it, and of course, the people in it. That’s why Our dedication to America has only grown over the years, which is why we decided to launch Allegiant Asset Management Group. We believe that it is our duty to try to protect as many people as we can through sharing the insights we have garnered over 30 years of studying the REAL economy.

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